Personalize Your Student-Athlete’s Education

Fusion will personalize your child’s curriculum to best fit their schedule and interests. All of our classes feature one-to-one instruction that makes students feel comfortable and confident in their learning. Our adaptive learning approach encourages students to reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally. With national accreditation, our transcripts are accepted by top universities all over the world. Here are some reasons why Fusion is Honest Game’s Preferred Partner:


Academic Support - All In One Place

Whatever you need for your academic journey, Fusion can help. We offer an accredited full-time academy, classes for credit, tutoring and mentoring, and more.

Customized Scheduling

Fusion can work around training, tournaments, and travel so you don’t have to stress about where school fits in. Bring Fusion with you online or attend in-person at one of our 65+ locations nationwide.

Emotional Wellbeing

Our teacher/mentors care about the social, emotional, and academic success of their students. In the one-to-one setting, they can help students build confidence, manage stress, and process emotions.

Social Connections

Whether in-person or virtual, we intentionally incorporate social opportunities for students to build friendships including groups, field trips, clubs, events, and everyday socialization in our Homework Café.

Honest Game:
Empowering Student-Athletes

Honest Game empowers student-athletes with the expertise, support, and confidence they need to navigate NCAA academic eligibility to college sports. Academic eligibility is a complex mix of test scores, NCAA-approved classes, and a special NCAA GPA. Honest Game provides student-athletes with a clear academic roadmap to give all students equal access to college. Fusion can help achieve those goals.


Fusion Academy:
Personalized Education

Fusion offers one-to-one, personalized classes and tutoring to help student-athletes achieve their goals. With in-person and online options, students can build a program that works best for them. Schedules at Fusion are customized to work around your life, and classes can go at your pace so you can hit important deadlines.

Academic Offerings:

  • Full-Time Middle and High School
  • NCAA-Approved Courses for Credit
  • Tutoring
  • ACT/SAT Test Prep

3 Ways to Learn with Fusion and Honest Game

We’ll help you pick the program that best fits your student’s schedule and lifestyle. We have options for online, in-person, and hybrid learning.

Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy has 65 campuses across the country. This in-person school offers one-to-one classes and has a Homework Café where students can finish their homework and socialize.

Fusion Global Academy

Fusion Global Academy (FGA) is our 100% virtual school. It has all the features of a Fusion Academy campus but is completely online with live, one-to-one classes taught virtually.

Global Anytime

Global Anytime allows students to access self-driven courses online whenever they want. It also includes support from Fusion Global Academy teachers and access to the thriving virtual community.

"Outstanding school! One-on-one teaching for classes, with extra support through its Homework Café. Year-round school for extra scheduling flexibility for athletes, performers, and others. Fusion develops a program that matches the needs of each and every student, whether it’s an accelerated schedule, more in-depth exploration of subjects, or extra support in a particular subject. Enthusiastically recommend Fusion!"

— Anette Clear, Fusion Academy Berkeley Parent - 5-star Google Review

"Fusion was a great experience for my son. As an elite athlete, the flexibility allowed him to be successful in both academics and sports. The teachers truly care and form real relationships with the students."

— Jill V., Fusion Warner Center Parent - 5-star Google Review

"Amazing experience across the board. Teachers were absolutely incredible, administrators always available and program content top-notch. Highly recommend for traveling student-athletes or any young adult looking for a personalized and challenging learning experience. "

— Jim Negus, Fusion Academy Palos Verdes Parent - 5-star Google Review

"It’s a joy to see the lack of constant stress in my daughter’s face. She’s an elite athlete, and since coming to Fusion I can see her being able to enjoy life and her beloved soccer without being judged and constantly feeling like she is falling behind. She can finally be herself."

— Maurizio Cascapera, Fusion Pasadena Parent